Ron Paul at Mizzou

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Ron addressed several thousand this afternoon on the University of Missouri campus. As always, his speech was peppered with words and phrases you’ll never hear from the other candidates, or the incumbent, or the mainstream media: the Patriot act is the “Repeal the Fourth Amendment Act”; Washington is full of “warmongers” and “tyrants”; a preemptive strike is “a fancy word for starting a war”; another candidate is a “theocrat”; tolerance consists of “allowing people to do things you don’t approve of, and letting them bear the consequences”; etc. He correctly described Obama’s extrajudicial killings as “assassinations,” explained how the US taxpayer, via its IMF contribution, is paying for the Greek bailout, and — in a line that drew plenty of cheers — asked why, in this time of national bankruptcy, fleeting liberties, and the prospect of endless war, the media is obsessed with “who pays for birth control pills.”


1:28 pm on March 15, 2012