Ron Paul and the Pro-Life Movement

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Lawrence Vance’s article today addresses the “failure” of the pro-life movement. That movement has many dimensions.

Clearly the political efforts of pro-lifers have been repeatedly betrayed by politicians of both parties. I raised the ire of many “conservatives” last year, when I detailed at length in Human Life Review how President Bush, hailed in some quarters as a “great pro-life president,” actually wrought profound damage to the cause.  Earl Warren, Eisenhower’s appointee as Chief Justice, was the bête noir of conservatives of my youth, but George W. Bush flouted the Constitution every bit as much as Earl Warren ever did.

Mr. Vance mentions “persuasion, education, or counseling.” In fact, these approaches are growing rapidly in size and in effectiveness. For instance, the Women’s Care Center, based in Indiana, has over a dozen branches in four states. WCC offers real choice to thousands of pregnant women a year. In Saint Joseph County, the home of Notre Dame University, over a third of total births come through the Women’s Care Center. Once women realize they have a genuine choice, the abortion rate is dramatically reduced in cities served by the Women’s Care Center. There are hundreds of similar organizations throughout the country offering similar services, free of charge and free of politics.

Last summer,, Dr. Paul talked about the pro-life movement to The Wanderer, the oldest national Catholic newspaper in the country. Here is the interview.

10:11 am on February 1, 2010