Ron Paul and the Obsolete Culture War

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One wonderful thing about the Ron Paul movement is how it has brought together such a diverse group of individuals in support of liberty. This convention has been a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

Last night the concert in Blaine featured, among others, wonderful pop artist Aimee Allen, who did original tunes, including her famous Ron Paul song, as well as some relevant covers of Alice’s Restaurant and Buffalo Springfield. Country artist Rockie Lynne warmed the crowd up for Ron Paul’s finale speech, and his set was certainly less Los Angeles and more red-state than Allen’s. I enjoyed both quite a bit.

And wonderfully, the Paulians all get along, even given the strong but polite disagreement over hot button social issues. When we are working for a free country, sometimes it is time to rethink the old battle lines (for example, Allen’s set struck me as sort of left-paleolibertarian, which is either very specific a label or demonstrates the limits of such labels). And we shall never get freedom back pointing fingers at each other and blaming all the nation’s problems on one identity group or another. No, the problem is tyranny and the philosophies that bolster it. Our goal is liberty. And so last night, as thousands chanted “End the Fed” and there was a bit of the Woodstock spirit in the air, I began to feel like we might win some big battles not so far in the distant future. These ARE the Americans who should be talking with each other – those opposed to the regime and who want freedom. Thanks to Ron Paul for uniting this great big-tent libertarian group.

10:07 am on September 2, 2008