Ron Paul and the Libertarian Split

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When Christopher Hayes of The Nation phoned me about the split between regime libertarians and the rest of us, I told him that all would be united by the Ron Paul Revolution (if only, in some cases, by the scent of power). Of course, he gets some things wrong in his funny article.

Murray Rothbard was kicked off the Cato board when he refused to countenance their abandoning of the anti-central banking Austrian School, for the pro-Federal Reserve Chicago School.

“Paleo-libertarianism” meant not populism, but an end to the anti-religious emphasis of the Rand-influenced libertarian movement, and a dedication to the cause of peace. Nor, by the way, are we “nationalistically oriented.” Just the reverse.

As to the smear about “Confederacy nostalgists and white supremacists,” well, The Nation is a magazine of the left, and that is how they sum up a refusal to divinize Lincoln.

Oh. And one other thing. To the other anti-Ron Cato VP who called me “one of the most loathsome people ever to set foot on this continent,” I say: See you at the inauguration.

2:22 pm on December 7, 2007