‘Ron Paul and the Future’

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Writes Frank McCoy:

Love the article.

The way I became a Ron Paul “nut” came about because of his economic views. As time went on, he continued to get everything right. But I , like others, couldn’t understand why this guy just didn’t get foreign policy. He was logical and informed on economics, but when it came to foreign policy, he was “crazy.” He wasn’t for invading Iraq. Our enemy. This guy is close to a traitor.

Then years went by. I started to question the wisdom of all these lives lost.

Could I be wrong?

Yes, I was wrong. Ron Paul was not a nut. He could see it all coming. I had to re-examine what he was saying. When you do that, it all makes sense.

The basic argument for Ron Paul, besides the obvious (HE IS THE ONLY TRULY HONEST POLITICIAN ANYWHERE), is that he has gotten EVERYTHING right.

Sounds like an extremist.

9:08 am on August 31, 2012