Ron for President in 2012!!!!!

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Tom Woods recently asked Ron Paul a very important and incisive question. Tom couched it in a way cleverly designed to elicit an answer from Ron. But Congressman Paul, slippery mainstream politician that he is, managed to (well, at least partially) evade this ingenious query. See here for Tom’s brilliantly designed question, and Ron’s “evasive” answer.

Much as I appreciate Tom’s attempt to pin Ron down, I say that the time has come to cast off the Woods’s type of namby pamby pure libertarianism. No, if you want to accomplish anything in this world, I have now been convinced by the neo-cons: pure naked aggression is the only way to go. So, I am now calling for the setting up of a new group: Draft Ron Paul for Presidential Candidate in 2012. But, this will not be the usual sissy type of “draft,” where we whine, plead, and beg Ron to run in 2012, never threatening him with bodily harm since we respect the libertarian non aggression principle. That is for wussy libertarians. No, now that I have been converted to neo-conservatism, I am calling for the government to pass a law compelling Ron to run in 2012. I think that life in prison for Ron if he refuses is too harsh (I’m no extremist!); I have a lesser penalty in mind: a day in the stocks (I’m an old fashioned kind of guy).

So, Ron, be warned: we’re coming to getcha. We’ll be armed with pitchforks and torches. Rotten vegetables will be your punishment should you disobey this new law. Ron, on a more serious note, please read this wonderful essay.

(To the readership of this blog: please do not write me telling me I’m a disgrace for abandoning libertarianism; I’m just kidding in most of this. Of course, I’m very serious about the importance of Ron running in 2012. That would be sooooo wonderful. As Tom says, if Ron did, we could possibly triple THE present size of the libertarian movement.)

1:44 pm on March 6, 2010