Romney’s Death Wish

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As if he weren’t clueless enough, Mitt Romney appears willing to indulge in the ultimate pander  the choice of Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

On her own merits, Rice was one of the troika of fawning third-raters surrounding George W. Bush (Harriett Miers and Karen Hughes rounded out the nurturing trio). Naturally, that called for her appointment as State Secretary, where her performance was dismal, reflected in the collapse of the GOP, and the country, during the later Bush years.

Hekkuva job, Condi!

Tone-deaf Romney thinks he can win as the non-Obama — that is, the same way Bush won in 2000 and Obama won in 2008. But while Romney appeals to the Military-Security-Industrial-Bankster complex for money, he ignores the rest of that “three-legged stool” of the GOP (defense, economic, family) that he needs for actual votes. Admittedly, the stool is already in ruins, but if he picks the pro-choice Rice as his running mate, high on the autopsy report of the Romney candidacy will appear the fact that, for good or ill, he alienated a few million evangelical and pro-family voters.

Romney thinks he can win with money, period. Obama has something completely different in mind.

Update: Cheney provides the coup de grâce: he heartily endorses Romney.

Which raises a question: Does Cheney want Romney to win? Or to lose?

9:23 am on July 13, 2012