Romney on Netflix

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Writes Andrew Ward:

Watched the intriguing Mitt Romney documentary last night on Netflix. Glad to see a human side to the oft-reviled politician. Sure, the camera (which he’s used to) alters behavior and we’re getting a romanticized/calculated projection, but he seemed to me to genuinely care about his family, religion, country and party. He also struck me as an oafish statesman without any sound political philosophy. Not really a surprise there, though. Mitt seemed willingly beholden to his family name and expectations of greatness, all reinforced by the people and cheering crowds around him. Also, the people who set the grand stage do a great job dangling a shiny carrot for types like Mitt.

After that, I watched House of Cards for the second time. It’d be perfect if it didn’t inadvertently reinforce the self-importance of DC.

8:20 pm on February 12, 2014