Romney Doesn’t Have a Clue…

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…about what’s going to hit him this fall. Dr. James Lucier, longtime adviser to the late Senator Jesse Helms, has the best analysis I’ve seen of the debacle to come (in a European paper, of course).

Well, who wrote the worst? Probably Pete DuPont, stealing the title of Phyllis Schlafly’s 1964 classic in a desperate attempt to convince the Pentagon Spending Times that there’s a difference between Romney and Obama (having fun, Pete?). Of course, there are about twenty million conservative voters who don’t trust Romney, since he just spent $100 million bashing them, but hey, he’s got billions more (Yeah, but so does Rupert Murdoch)!

DoubleThink, call your office!

Meanwhile, Ron Paul keeps packing in the crowds and racking up convention delegates. They’ll have to sleep in the Orlando Youth Hostel, if the Rove Machine has its way, but if Romney thinks he can win by stiffing them too, then may his campaign rest in peace — because it’s DOA.

7:11 am on April 30, 2012