Romney and Israel

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Romney wants the Jewish vote. That’s certainly a component of his Israel and Iran policies. That vote is concentrated in some areas, like Florida. He also wants the hard right vote. He also wants the conservative Christian vote. He wants to “outbid” Obama on Israel and Iran. He wants to “buy” the pro-Israel and anti-Iran vote. This is a part of his policies. Another part is that they are his convictions, and they are consistent with his broader views of America’s power and place in the world.

Romney’s statements about Israel and America continue to escalate. When a politician tells me I have a “solemn duty and a moral imperative,” about anything, anything at all, I gag. And when they tell me I must take up arms, I gag, and especially so when the frictions and troubles and antagonisms and conflicts are not of my doing but, in many respects and instances, of the doings of others and of other politicians and “statesmen” of the past and present. And especially when they demand and take my wealth (and would take my very life) in order to kill (or make me kill) and to do abominable deeds that my conscience and moral compass reject. I am not God. They are not God. When a politician says “follow me,” I do not follow. That’s my solemn duty and moral imperative.

If these speechmakers want to take up arms and kill, that is their business, not mine. I’ll quote tenor saxophonist Lester Young “I can’t go round thinking evil and all that shit. Everything is still cool with me, you know, ’cause I don’t bother nobody. Things like that. Comes out nice. That’s why I say ‘What you do is your business. What I do is my business.'”

5:30 am on July 30, 2012