Romanian Police and Ballet

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Writes Tudor Smirna: “Greetings from Romania, and long live the Ron Paul revolution!

“In response to the funny ballet blog, let me tell you that I had an encounter with the Romanian traffic police today and can testify to the following: the young policeman who asked for my papers (driving license, mandatory insurance, car ID, personal ID) – a) was joking about temporarily suspending my license (they usually are the sinister communist-era type that keep you in dreadful tension), b) has graciously conducted our conversation to the point where we settled for a ‘relatively decent’ $80 bribe and c) he had lacquered nails. So, as long as they sell freedom from the draconian road regulation for a ‘payable’ price, they can even take tea-ceremony lessons with the most expensive master on the planet (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’d turn out to be a Romanian as well) as far as I’m concerned. Until we accomplish the RPevolution to this part of the world, that is!”

4:05 pm on February 28, 2008