Roll Call Vote for the Bailout for Billionaires

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Here’s the full roll call vote.

Here in Colorado –

Tom Tancredo is still despicable and voted for the the greatest coporate welfare scheme since the Loans For Shares deal for the oligarchs of Russia.

All other GOP members of the delegation voted correctly: Marilyn Musgrave, Doug Lamborn, and Wayne Allard.

Allard is even retiring this year, so I’m doubly impressed that he was one of the few Senators that voted against it. Doug Lamborn is from a totally uncompetitive district (Colorado Springs), so I dislike him much less than usual today.

The other impressive vote on this was Blue Dog Democrat Rep. John Salazar who voted against the bill in spite of having no serious opponent this year.

John’s brother, Uber-Establishment Democrat Sen. Ken Salazar, disgraced himself as expected.

10:14 pm on October 3, 2008