Roger Roots Documents the Destruction of Law

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I cannot emphasize enough just how important the articles written by Roger Roots are in documenting the destruction of law in the United States at both state and federal levels. Today’s article about federal rules regarding criminal procedures is both informative and insightful.

In the past three decades, we have seen a virtual tsunami of exponential growth of expansion and enforcement of federal criminal law. This is utterly destructive for a free society and few people speak out, in part because many people believe that as long as they are obeying the law, they don’t have to worry about federal prosecutors. Other people blindly believe that whatever prosecutors do is fine, because they are here to serve and protect us. The problem has become insurmountable, in my view, and only a few people even understand the implications. Mises once wrote that he set out to be a reformer, but instead became the “historian of decline.” Roger Roots is doing the same thing for criminal law in this country, and I don’t think there is anyone alive who understands these issues better than does he.

6:47 am on January 4, 2011