Roadside Cavity Searches in Texas

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Everything is bigger in Texas they say, and Texas state troopers certainly qualify as among the biggest perverts, idiots, and petty tyrants in the land. The must-see video in this article shows two women being given roadside cavity searches because they were suspected of having a little pot on them. None was found. The female state trooper uses the same rubber glove when sticking her hands in the private parts, front and back, of the two women. Why is this woman not employed by the TSA? (She probably will be as soon as the TSA brass sees this video).

This of course will be defended by all those “family values” pro-war-on-drugs conservatives who never saw an instance of police brutality they didn’t like.  If you’d like to offer your opinion of Texas state troopers to Texas Governor Rick Perry his office Web site is  Or give the Gov. a call at 512-463-1782.

NOTE:  This YouTube video is all-of-a-sudden “unavailalble.” But click on the “this article” link above and you can still view it there.


3:34 pm on December 19, 2012