RIP, Dr. Tom White From Voice of the Martyrs

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I learned tragic news today: Dr. Tom White, Executive Director of Voice of the Martyrs, killed himself about a week ago.

Voice of the Martyrs is one of my favorite organizations. Richard Wurmbrand, whom the Communists tortured for 14 years in Romania before he escaped their clutches, founded VOM in 1967. Since then, it has ministered to persecuted Christians around the world — a powerful witness to Christ’s Gospel and an equally powerful rebuke to the Satanic State.

It seems that “authorities” were “investigat[ing]” but had not “charged” Dr. White for the sexual “abuse of a 10-year-old girl.” Wouldn’t you think they’d have more than enough such cases to occupy them at the airports?

Dr. White joins a growing number of victims in these witch-hunts. Not only has the State waxed increasingly puritanical with its serfs, expanding the definition of what it deems “sexual abuse” — except, of course for those who wear its badge: ah, yes, then you can strip and grope and rape with utter impunity — it also ruins the lives of people who have often done nothing at all. Cops’ mere allegations are enough to cost a man his marriage, family, reputation, and job.

Dr. White languished for 17 months in Castro’s prisons after a plane from which he was dropping Christian tracts crash-landed in Cuba. Yet a hero who endured torture from his jailors apparently decided he couldn’t survive the living hell the State of Oklahoma was inflicting on him.

My prayers and heartbroken sympathy go out to his family. I’ll also be making a special contribution to VOM in Dr. White’s honor, and I hope anyone who supports this fine group and its stance against the evil State will join me.

As the Amerikan empire tightens its grip, expect more of these sorts of cases, more dissidents tarred as pedophiles and either imprisoned or supposedly committing suicide for daring to call government on its wickedness.

2:35 pm on May 9, 2012