“Ride for the Constitution”

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We’re dealing with generalities here, I know, but when you think of truckers, you probably don’t envision political dissidents. These are folks so known for their “patriotism” [sic for “nationalism”] that the Department of Homeland Stasi-sorry, Security cynically enlisted them to spy on us in nonsense it calls “First Observer.” But then the TSA unleashed TWIC on its hard-working serfs, compelling them to pay $135 for background checks and fingerprinting and God-knows-what-all to obtain a second license, in addition to the license the State already requires, before pursuing their livelihoods. TWIC has temporarily idled some drivers, impoverished others, cost many their jobs, and inconvenienced all.

I don’t know whether TWIC pushed them over the edge or whether these victims of the police-state are as tired of its persecution, criminality, and atrocities in general as the rest of us. At any rate, truckers are hosting a “Ride for the Constitution” on DC from October 11-13 (yes, that’s this weekend). The reasons they cite for their Ride include some of the regulations with which Leviathan smothers their industry as well as such horrors as NDAA, Obummercare, and the TSA (be still, my pounding heart!).

What can we do to aid these heroes? “Organizers of the ride are asking Americans in support of the convoy to buy nothing between October 11 – 13, the dates of the convoy to DC, in order to show support. Truckers say they will ride the beltway around the capitol and ‘shut down DC until the congressmen obey their oaths. They ask supporters to write #t2sda on their windshields and on signs (‘truckers to Shut Down America.’)”

Go, guys and gals! And thanks so much. Indeed, “let these issues be the beginning of where we take a stand, not just as The American Drivers, but as Free and Independent Americans, protecting what our Constitution preserves for us”!!!!!

11:22 am on October 9, 2013