Richard Cohen in Trouble Again

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Richard Cohen, the left-liberal WaPo columnist, has the entire thought police jumping up and down on his head over this. But my favorite Cohen incident involved gender. Right after ‘When Harry Met Sally” debuted 1n 1989, with its famous fake orgasm scene in Katz’s delicatessen, women in the WaPo newsroom were bragging about how easy it is to fool men, while thinking about other things. So Cohen wrote–in a column apparently not online–that men also find it easy to fool women. “We only pretend to listen to you,” he said, and have a well-practiced routine of um, un-huh, mmm, etc. to disguise that we’re really thinking about football or something else interesting instead of you. Well, as you can imagine, the feminists were unhinged, and he had to crawl on his belly like a reptile, say he didn’t really mean it, etc. to keep his job.

2:40 pm on November 13, 2013