Revisionist History by the Whitest Kids You Know

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(WARNING: LINKS TO POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL) Lew Rockwell is right about the brilliance of the Whitest Kids You Know. At their best, they are as good as Python, and certainly better than the average Saturday Night Live fare of the last decade and a half. Lew mentions the Lincoln assassination sketch. It is great, but they are even more irreverent on JFK – find out who was behind Lee Harvey Oswald, although there is a mystery left open in their sketch.

Assassination seems to be a common theme in their work, and they even get away with saying a particular something that is illegal to say in the United States. But presidential politics is skewered appropriately by the WKUK. See their take on distracting press conferences in the instantly classic sketch, “Moon Bears.” As for militarism, nothing sums up the U.S. recruitment process like their wonderful bit about “Joining the Army.” Not that the police force is spared by their lampoonery.

The revisionist history, incidentally, is not only of recent events. Learn the truth about the Declaration of Independence. The paleoconservatives may take offense at their sketches on how European-Americans have long sugarcoated the historic treatment of the American Indians as well as black slaves—this is not PC stuff, just hilarious. Speaking of conservatives, the culture-warring red-state fascists will particularly hate the country song “Totally Gay for America.”

4:51 pm on June 7, 2011