Retro Shaving

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I sometimes eat bread and I don’t own 16 handguns, so some might say that I’m a bad LRC devotee. But let me tell you, friend, I am now a fervently evangelical retro shaver. Thanks to LRC’s wildly pro-retro-shaving editorial bias, I was gradually browbeat into buying one of these majestic tools of personal hygiene.

I used to loathe shaving with a passion equaled only by the thickness of my beard.   Being descended from a variety of German and Spanish barbarian tribes, those limp, fragile little plastic shavers never managed to produce a clean shave without several passes, and by then, I had taken off 4 or five layers of skin. I was left with a dry, hideous, visage of puffiness that few would care to see.

So, a few months ago I purchased a nice, heavy, stainless steel old-school safety razor through LRC on Amazon. It came a few days later with some double edged razors. I tore open the box with child-like glee. I watched some Youtube videos on proper technique, and then I proceeded to shave.

Now, only one pass of the razor is necessary for the cleanest shave I’ve ever had. Shaving is now faster, better, and virtually pain free. My wife and children love me again, and best of all, shaving this way costs about 18 cents per week. Those old 19-blade plastic razors cost at least a couple of bucks a week.

Seriously. If you have a serious beard. Retro shaving is the only way to go.

10:27 pm on September 24, 2010