Restore the Constitution? I Cringe

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Restoring the Fourth Amendment is not the same as restoring the Constitution. Restoring rights is not the same as restoring the Constitution. To restore is to bring back to a former condition. Restoring the Constitution is an impossible goal. It cannot even be defined. To what previous condition? There are so many of them, each one contentious. Two primary paths to liberty appeal to me: agorism and action by individual states, such as secession and nullification.

Agorism requires education, so that people understand the negatives of the State, want to withdraw from it and devise ways to become independent of it. When I criticize the State or its policies, such as its expansionism, and call for an alternative, like neutrality, it is not because I want the Constitution restored. It is to educate about the State’s negative directions. The Constitution erects the U.S.A, which is the national state. Furthermore, even the original Constitution sets up a powerful government as Kenneth W. Royce explains in his book Hologram of Liberty. I do not want to see it restored. I want to see it ended. We should not confuse support for rights or common law procedures, such as those in the Bill of Rights, with support for the Constitution.

1:26 pm on July 26, 2013