Resistance to Oppression and Slavery is Hatemongering

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This is the most insane guest I have ever seen on TV media. He hates people who love freedom and the ideals of the founding fathers. According to this sicko, anyone who opposes the Obama regime necessarily does so because they are hatemongers and because they are racist toward a black (correction: half-black) president. I can’t even comment on this and do it justice. You have to watch the video in full (it is at the bottom of this post). And then wonder how he made it through the MSNBC screeners. Thank you Rachel Maddow.

For years, we attacked the Bush regime and its minions – under Bush we saw the hitlerization of the Security state, war aggression, and the elimination of civil liberties. The neocons, along with their right-fundamentalist proponents, sent this country spiraling into the pooper in eight short years. However, under Obama, where tyranny is being exercised at breakneck speed, all dissent is being crushed by an administration that does not know how to handle the enormous level of resistance that is rising up from the ashes of the Bush years. Proponents of Obamaization are both terrified and repulsed by people who want to defend their right to live free lives and be left alone. The hatred these people have for those who protest the dictator Obama and his Czar-filled, totalitarian regime is making them crazy. For instance, it is “hate” to refuse to be disarmed, just as it is hate to deny the Government-Big Pharma complex in terms of its mandatory vaccinations, especially as they threaten to come into your home and forcibly stick their needles and juice into you, your pregnant wife, gramma, and your children. The most hateful act of all is to protest the millionaire elites who want to toss you into a universal-socialized health destroyer system while they live the life of privileged Kings at our expense.

At just over five minutes of the video, watch what this ignorant and intolerant clown says about Americans with guns and ammunition. Watch him make claims about what peaceful, freedom-loving Americans who buy guns are plotting to do. Listen good – I won’t even repeat those words in this blog. Then Mr. Schaeffer notes that crazy Americans with guns “think that Obama is going to take their guns away…” Now, a simple google search will produce scores of media news, sound bites, quotes, interviews, and GOVERNMENT BILLS that put forth blatant evidence that Obama and his administration hacks desire to disarm Americans.

Here is Rahm’s “maybe a possible terrorist” statement, live on YouTube, which, of course, is an effort to make it so that everyone who dissents can be pegged as a “terrorist.” There are dozens of YouTube videos of Obama, Holder, and Emanuel – and many others in government, including the gun control lobbies – promoting anti-gun rhetoric, propaganda, and hate. Just for kicks, here’s the visual where Obama claims that people who “cling to guns and religion” are bitter. Just … bitter. So people who are being oppressed under a cascade of unconstitutional laws, mandates, decrees, rules, orders, and crimes of government are “bitter” slaves?

I suppose the Jews were “bitter” as their 90-lb, starved and sick bodies were being marched to the gas chamber. I suppose the blacks were bitter when they were enslaved from one generation to the next as government enabled this crime of humanity with its Constitution and its Supreme Court decisions.

This guy, Frank Schaeffer, is mentally ill. But then again, the desire to control and rule over others, and micro-manage their lives through government central planning, is indeed a despicable illness. According to your wannabee controllers, you are a hatemonger and a racist for wanting to be free.

The real hate is contained within those who want to kill independence, voluntaryness, and freedom so they can live out their social engineering agendas they’ve only been able to experience in their wet dreams.

5:23 pm on August 8, 2009