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The other day, I heard a snippet of a Fox show on Sirius. A ‘publican consultant said the most important things to communicate were a “liking for government,” and a “determination to govern.”

A state journo said the “anarchists” are in charge, and the “nihilists,” too. That is, a new poll showed that 60% of the people were fine with a “government shutdown” (though tragically it is nothing of the sort).

Has the word anarchist been used so often since the Palmer raids? They’re scared of us, folks. All over the world, young people despise the state, its extortion and its killing, thanks to the work of our giants, but especially Ron Paul. As Rothbard argued, we must never stop teaching liberty no matter the obstacles, for the sake of upholding the truth, and because the climate of opinion can change very quickly. Here we are, Murray, here we are.

11:40 am on September 22, 2013