Republicans and the Alternative Minimum Tax

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I keep hearing how bad it will be if the “Bush tax cuts” are not extended before they expire because so many more people will be subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Now, while this is certainly true, and I think the tax cuts should be cut even further, why didn’t  the Republicans completely eliminate the AMT when they had total control of the government for over four years under George W. Bush? And while I am on the subject, why didn’t the Republicans make the tax cuts permanent at that time? Hey Republicans: Why didn’t you do anything during the time you controlled the government? Too busy instituting a police state and fighting foreign wars I suppose. As I have said on a few occasions, the only limited government the Republicans want is a government limited to one controlled by the Republicans. And some people actually thought that electing Romney and a Republican majority in the Congress would have actually amounted to anything?

6:34 pm on December 1, 2012