Repaying FOX and the Other Pravdas

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Writes Amar Trivedi: “Interesting story on FOX’s rough 2008 ahead. See especially Item C on Ron Paul!

“In the past few months, I have started voting with my $$. First, Time magazine subscription was canceled (after Joe Klein’ story), next was daily visit to Wonkette (satire should be funny, not name calling), then it was eWeek (they will not cover the most successful candidate on the Internet), then it was WBT in Charlotte (Jeff Katz interviewed Fred, McCain and Huckabee before SC Primaries, but never invited Dr. Paul) and finally Fox Noose. Also, every time David Schuster comes on MSNBC, I change the channel (nope, don’t want to see that smirking jerk).

“It feels good (and I don’t miss any of those things).”

4:09 pm on January 29, 2008