Repair a Bridge or Fly to an Asteriod?

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Anyone who knows me or has read my articles knows that I am not in favor of government spending on internal improvements and infrastructure unless it accords with the Constitution. Nevertheless, I am not foolish enough to think that the government should tear up the interstate highways or let them deteriorate.

NASA is planning to flight test its Orion crew space capsule in 2014 instead of in 2017. The test will come on a commercial rocket at a cost of $370 million. But that cost is a drop in the bucket. NASA plans to send the Orion capsule to nearby asteroids, the moon, or Mars.

Is everyone in Congress and at NASA crazy? (Don’t answer that.) If the government is going to spend money (and I wish it wouldn’t, but I know it will), anyone with an IQ and a pulse above zero would favor and benefit from the government maintaining its roads and bridges instead of flying to an asteroid.

Where is the outrage from fiscally conservative Republican budget cutters?

11:25 am on November 10, 2011