re:Obama’s Heroic Capitalist Brother

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Writes George Jones: “Thank you for that blog about Barack’s brother. It is difficult enough being human in this world without the added pressure of having to explain the meaning of your ‘racial identity.’ As a black man I am tired of the CNN type ‘Being Black in America’ portrayals of us as some kind of victims. There is way too much opportunity in America, although dwindling due to the ever expanding power and control of the state, and I give no excuses for my not living up to my potential in the past.

“Unfortunately for the CNN types, I will not blame my present condition on ‘The Man.’ I have pulled my boot straps up and am taking charge of my life through education, hard work, thrift and an ever increasing hatred for everything that is called the ‘State.’ Thanks to you, Thomas DiLorenzo, Gary North, Doug French, Walter Block, Sean Corrigan, Karen De Coster, RON PAUL and the rest of the people who write or blog at LRC,,, etc., I am a new person (mine eyes are now wide open and I can see). Keep up the fight for true Liberty!”

1:12 pm on July 27, 2008