re:NYT on RP

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Not bad for the NY Times, but a few errors. For example, in discussing young people’s response to Ron, the Times says: “Of course, Ron Paul is a lot closer to Barry Goldwater than to Eugene McCarthy.”

That is not really true, except on some domestic issues. I loved Barry, and worked my heart out for him, but he was an interventionist on foreign policy (though certainly no worse than the war maniac LBJ). And while smart, Barry was no intellectual. Like Gene, whom I also worked for, Ron is an intellectual, and a champion of peace.

The Times also notes, in a good summing up, that Ron “wants to turn back what he sees as 200 years of creeping expansion of federal power, dissolve the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, return to the gold standard, bring the troops home, not just from Iraq, but from everywhere — and yes, legalize pot, at least for medical purposes.” Actually, Ron wants the federal decriminization of all drugs.

11:25 am on May 24, 2008