Remembering Plaxico

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Coverage of the “big game” is a mixture of voluntary acts between consenting adults and utter statism. Sure, Katrina was a tragedy but then we see folks asking for others to help them at gun point. And then, speaking of guns, we have Plaxico Burress, who is being kept against his will for a victimless non-crime. Then we see the Prez defending his interventions in banking and money.

And of course right before the game we will see everyone bow (cover your heart, citizen, and feel the power of the state!) at the flag and recite the hosannas to the empire and the “heroes” who keep us safe.

Oh well, just another day in the land of the weird.

(Yes, the scare quotes around “big game” are intentional and show the silliness around and ridiculous level of pattern socialism. No offense, the litigious and IP-supporting NFL)

4:15 pm on February 7, 2010