Remember Those Who Fought for Freedom?

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I have said on numerous occasions that the military idolatry in churches seems to be getting worse. Here is another example. The sign outside of the church I just drove by says: “Remember Those Who Fought for Freedom. We Salute Our Veterans.” Today is August 27. It is not the Sunday before a holiday. It is not July 4th. It is not Veterans Day. It is just a regular day. But regardless of what day it is, I keep asking myself: When was the last time any U.S. soldier actually fought for freedom? I suppose the people in this church would answer: in Iraq and Afghanistan. And when the USG sends troops to Syria, they will say Syria. Actually, wherever the USG sends the troops, however long they stay, and no matter what they do when they are there, the USG can count on ignorant Christians to say that they are fighting for freedom.

3:36 pm on August 27, 2013