Religious Whoredom Continues Under Obama

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It seems that Obama will continue the drive to turn organized religion into nothing more than the arm of the state, as he launches his own “faith-based initiatives.”

This time, however, it will be dominated by even more Political Correctness than even was the case before, which means that Jim Wallis of Sojourners now will be a player:

One Obama advisor, who also counseled Bush on faith-based initiatives, said he hoped the new administration would avoid past mistakes. The Rev. Jim Wallis, chief executive of the advocacy group Sojourners, said the Bush administration politicized faith-based services and failed to coordinate them with government programs.

Bush’s faith-based initiatives generated controversy partly over a policy allowing religious groups to hire only people of their faith in federally funded projects.

Obama has said agencies that receive federal grants cannot discriminate based on religion or use public money to proselytize to people they help.

“Nobody wants to make faith a criteria of who gets services,” Wallis said. “But how do you preserve the identity and mission of faith-based organizations and yet practice nondiscrimination? There is a healthy balance in there that we’ll find over time.”

Actually, the very existence of this group is a mistake. Wallis already sold out to the totalitarian state long ago, and now seeks to be “respectable” in the Beltway. It seems that everyone else who is “somebody” in religious circles wants to follow the same path of whoredom for the state.

1:13 pm on February 5, 2009