Regulation and the OWS Movement

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One of the most ironic things I have witnessed in the month of OWS protests is that the protesters constantly are cited or restricted by authorities as they run afoul of regulation after regulation. From confiscating heaters in NYC (fire hazard) to shutting down impromptu outdoor kitchens (food “safety”), the protesters are stymied by rules, rules, and more rules.

Yet, to listen to them, what is their “solution” for making our society better? Yep, you guessed it, even more rules. Furthermore, I doubt that many of them even could intellectually understand the irony of their situation. The recent confrontation Peter Schiff had with the OWS crowd demonstrated to me the utter inability of ANY of those folks to argue or even think coherently. They were and are utterly inarticulate and cannot fathom even simple things going on around them. In other words, they are perfect fodder for the Ruling Classes. Anthony Gregory absolutely is right; the Ruling Classes have nothing to fear from this bunch.

12:34 pm on October 31, 2011