Red Alert! Red Alert!

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Red alert! Red alert! No missile defense system seems to be able to stop Rocket Palin!

New York Times Demoliberal Frank Rich is having lots of fun right now because her first target is the GOP nomination. But his nuclear nightmare is that she might actually have a chance of beating The Professor…

My favorite part of the article is the implication, passed on by The Wall Street Journal no less, that Sarah Palin actually wrote her recent denunciation—rather, refudiation—of Ben Bernacke’s quantitative easing policy, much less understands it. But you know, I saw her reprising her position on Judge Napolitano’s TV show* and she sailed right through it without a single misstep. I’m not sure I could do that, and I’m so much smarter than her (I’m role-playing a liberal)! Among the things I never thought I’d see before I died were Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Sarah Palin making a reasoned case against quantitative easing.

The lady is learning—if nothing else, how to memorize. But there I go again, dissing the next President of the greatest nation in the history of the galaxy.
*See it! See it! Judge Napolitano now appears on Fox Business News every weeknight at 8 pm Eastern. At last, a reason to watch TV!

10:08 am on November 21, 2010