Reclaiming Our Property

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With regard to “that $1.5 billion backup hard drive,” Scott Frost wants to know whether he can forego “a backup hard drive[.] Can I just get my information back using the Freedom of Information Act?”

Great minds run in the same channel: willb observes, “If the NSA offered their ‘backup’ as a service, they might actually be doing something useful.”

Consider as well the millions of Americans who have lost loved ones over the decade of the NSA’s evil. And now there’s a repository of the dearly departeds’ phone calls. You can listen to your last conversation with Mama, once again hear your sister’s cheery “Love ya!” before she hung up to die in a crash, or relive those happy years when your spouse still recognized you instead of languishing with Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately, the NSA sits tight on this heartrending treasure-trove of our property: our money paid to record our communications over services that bill us each month. Where are the patriots and citizens who will march en masse on this satanic bureaucracy and deliver these records to their rightful owners while destroying the eavesdropping equipment and the NSA itself?

9:07 am on June 26, 2013