Rebels and Fedcoats

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In regards to our scary trip through the bureaucrat’s mind (or what passes for it), Eli Cryderman writes, “I believe a more accurate descriptor of bureaucrats and servants of the state is ‘FEDcoats.’  With the simple change of one letter, the villain deposed to form the United States is updated to the 21st century whilst conjuring the spirit of rebellion deep within the soul of this once-great republic. I wish there was a term used to describe all federal oppressors with derision, scorn and malice; perhaps FEDcoat fits the bill. Perhaps there is something better still!”

I’m a fool for anything with 18th-century, Revolutionary overtones. But Eli’s suggestion seems pure genius to me. Those of you who think there’s “something better still” should send me your suggestions.

Meanwhile, as the Fedcoats yuk it up on our dime today, savor the fact that the British government’s arrogance and sclerotic bureaucracy helped defeat its army of Redcoats during America’s Revolution. Even better, the Fedcoats vastly surpass George III and his Ministry in both.

5:59 am on January 21, 2013