Ready to March!

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Hoping indeed to reclaim the records of our communications, a friend suggests marching not on the NSA but on local rulers, with the aggregate across the country warning these pinheads we are fed up: “What about someone … organiz[ing] and publiciz[ing] a march for every man (and woman and child for that matter). …[E]veryone could go to their local county courthouse at a predetermined time for the purpose of marching en masse … Say a Saturday morning. I know the multitudinous number of ‘small crowds’ would not be as impressive as one big one… but isn’t that really a great visual of the solution to ALL our bureaucratic monstrosities… DECENTRALIZATION!! We could have Ron Paul address the crowd(s) as each participant watches Ron by live feed on his smart phone. (Take THAT NSA!)”

Meanwhile, another friend with skills that could come in handy for abolishing the NSA applauds the idea: “Something should be done to organize a march of patriots and citizens on the NSA Archives. If such a thing can come to pass, count me in!”

2:36 pm on June 26, 2013