Reading Ron Paul in Virginia

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I have started reading Ron Paul’s new book on the School Revolution and am really enjoying it. Anyone who is not in a position to homeschool children should not be put off buying and reading this book. You will love it no matter your age or interest in homeschooling. It is clear, concise, and full of interesting anecdotes about Dr. Paul’s own experiences growing up in the educational system of the day.

What I like so much thus far is what is missing in many libertarian and pro-liberty arguments: a solid treatment of the importance of personal responsibility as a key component of the struggle for personal liberty. Any self-ordering society must in fact be a moral society, where passions and preferences are tempered by a keen eye on consequence and the non-aggression principle.

The state seeks to program children to be obedient drones and it resents and outlaws challenges. But, as Dr. Paul points out early in the book, “there can be no revolution without a revolution in education.” It is the fundamental issue of our time.

I cannot put this book down!

8:26 pm on September 26, 2013