Reading Between the Checkpoint’s Lines

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Under the headline, “Auditors question TSA’s use of and spending on technology,” the WaPo reports that “…policy makers are reluctant to embrace some techniques — such as profiling — that American society finds objectionable.”

Which implies that we don’t find sexual assault and pedophilia objectionable. Behold the astounding contempt Our Rulers and their propagandists in the corporate media harbor for us!

Observe as well their reverence for the “civil rights” they substitute for our lost liberty. The State’s stolen the freedom our Creator endows to live peaceably, without governmental meddling and certainly without risking rape from its agents when we travel. But in exchange, the State grants the “right” to fly on a plane against its owner’s will (remember that the Feds prohibit airlines from refusing carriage to any passenger, including those they judge suspicious: only government gets to discriminate) or the “right” to suffer the TSA’s molestation in a private room.

Meanwhile, said Rulers are merely “reluctant to embrace…objectionable” measures. Here’s another scary implication: that the TSA may begin profiling regardless of its unpopularity if it deems such horror “necessary.” Increasingly, democracy’s glove slips to reveal the iron-fisted tyranny beneath.

Many readers write me to defend profiling, and understandably so: you desperately seek relief from the TSA’s atrocities and will sacrifice Muslims to the police-state if that means it will leave you and your families alone. But profiling doesn’t work that way. As soon as aviation hassles only Muslims, “terrorists” — if any there be: TSA has yet to discover a single one — will simply recruit non-Muslims. And governments strong enough to search some folks without a warrant will constantly enlarge the parameters until they are groping everyone. Generalized searches are far too potent a tyranny for government to limit their use.

As always, the only effective response to the TSA’s obscene crimes is the agency’s abolition.

8:13 am on December 23, 2010