Reader Says We Don’t Do Enough

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I received an email from an LRC reader today. This type of theme is not too common, but I occasionally get these letters. It reads as follows:

The Word of God teaches me it’s foolish and useless to tell a cold and hungry person to go forth, be filled and warm, unless I give them the necessary food and clothing. Same theory applies here.

Most LRC contributors do an outstanding job of relaying another in an endless series of stories about everyday Amerikans getting their butts kicked, but I never notice anyone on LRC actually doing anything at all to HELP these victims of abuse.

The burning question in MY mind is “why not?”

Here is my response to the reader:

You wrote:

“I never notice anyone on LRC actually doing anything at all to HELP these victims of abuse.”

Really? Do you follow us around all day, and watch what we do? Do you have special powers to do this? How do I get those powers?

I’d be glad to establish an organization that works to defend people from the abuses of the state. Then I could really love my occupation. If you’d like to pay my salary, make the appropriate capital investments, and finance my staff, please do let me know. I’d be interested. I could round up some spectacular board members. And I could hire Will Grigg and a few others to help get the organization started.

Please let me know your level of interest as a donor or investor.

Folks may not realize the old adage that “time is money.” My  time spent writing (some of it is unpaid), informing, and responding to and/or helping people who write me is indeed HELP [caps on purpose], and it does have a major opportunity cost for me. Same goes for Lew & his crew. I am leveraging my strength, and that is reading, processing, researching, informing, networking, writing, and presentation. Others in the world leverage their strengths to HELP out where they best fit. If you’ve ever watched hospice volunteers with a loved one, you know those folks are doing exactly what they are gifted to do.

Each time someone writes me and says, “I just wanted to say thanks for all you do,” it’s enough to forget these kind of letters.

2:21 pm on October 22, 2012