Re: Why do we rile them?

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Re this post: Several readers have written interesting responses, including this one:

“Why? Because there are two distinct types of human brains. The first, Mentalist, is designed to control and manipulate other human beings for reproductive and survival advantages. The second, Mechanist, foregoes controlling other humans for controlling and manipulating things.

“When you challenge a method of control, government, you are challenging their method of operation, and consequently, them personally. It is worse if they benefit from it, real or perceived, and have an interest in politics.

“I think it was E. O. Wilson who said that human history would be reinterpreted in terms of genetics in the first couple decades of this century. Below is an excellent article that provides some groundwork.

Mentalism and Mechanism: the twin modes of human cognition, by Christopher Badcock.”

12:02 am on February 19, 2004