Re: Waterboard an A-rab for Jesus (Catholic Edition)

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Laurence has pretty well decimated the Conservative “Christian” defense of torture.

It’s been pretty clear for a while that if you view the New Testament as merely an appendix to the GOP playbook, as members of the Christian right clearly do, you can do anything and be damn sure that Jesus woulda done it himself. If only the USA, Jesus’ favorite country, had been around in the first century.

But alas, while the majority of Catholics can hardly be described as Conservative, there are still plenty of us who have managed to convince themselves that surely, St Peter, St Paul, and the whole gang would surely have tortured if only they’d had the chance. And don’t try all that smoke and mirrors stuff about how the early members of the Church were themselves tortured by the government. The torturers only commit evil so that good may come of it. Jesus once said that the ends justify the means. Right?

Mark Shea, Catholic Blogger, has taken down the RC torturers with much aplomb, pointing out that the argument in favor of torture uses the exact same method as the argument in favor of abortion. And is just as despicable. But check out the comments from readers at the bottom of this piece by Shea. If you’ve been searching for the lowest form of RC human trash, it can be found there. One of these presumably Catholic readers advocates for crushing the testicles of children who commit crimes.

12:22 am on May 5, 2009