Re: War Heroes

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Laurence: One of the best of these men was my late and very dear friend, Howard Moore. Born two months prematurely and with a defective heart, when WWI broke out, he refused every order/directive for him to submit to the authority of the state. He refused every such command. He was prosecuted, convicted, and given a 25 year prison sentence in Utah. He and a few others were the very hard-core opponents of conscription, and when ordered to help “clean up the area” in the prison environment, they refused. If he was required to go to some other location, he refused to do so on his own which forced the guards to carry him. After the war was over, the sentences of these men were commuted and the men released. Howard – perhaps the most consistently principled of them all – was one of the last to be released. He was one of the kindest and most gentlemanly men I have ever known. He died at the age of 104, demonstrating that living a principled, uncompromising life of integrity has a life-enhancing value.

10:40 am on May 16, 2014