Re: Unlocking Cellphones

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Michael:  I wonder if furniture manufacturers might want to get in on this racket.  If I purchase a new chair, and allow a friend to sit in it, should that be considered a crime?  Let the friend purchase his OWN chair, and bring it with him when he visits!  The same with a book: should the state criminalize my act of giving to another – or even loaning – a copy of a book I have purchased?

It’s amazing the lunacy that emerges when people have no understanding of the property principle – who owns what? – when determining the propriety of behavior.  Isn’t it interesting that the word “proper” (as in “proper conduct”) is related to the property concept; to ownership?  If I purchase a cellphone, is it not my property, to control as I see fit?

12:26 pm on January 26, 2013