Re: Tom Ridge Admits to Bush Fearmongering

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Karen, HuffPo has the story too, and you’re correct, there are people who take this stuff seriously and still care about it. What puzzles, and somewhat disturbs me, though, are a couple of other points.

One, who in the hell is surprised by this news? Bush’shites manipulating terror warnings? Say it ain’t so! What? Next thing you know, the MSM will report that “a high-ranking official” has admitted that using Duct Tape and plastic wrap on your windows isn’t a full-proof way to survive a poison gas attack.

As I Tweeted, not one hour ago: “CNN is reporting that Bush’s terror warnings were “Wag the Dog” situations. They must be the last ones in the world to know!”

Just in case anyone asks, I have it on good information that there really was gambling at Rick’s. (Let’s keep that on the sneak-tip for now.) My suspicion: Ridge is trying to sell books, while releasing news he knows won’t really result in any meaningful action. My question, and it’s entirely rhetorical: How many more Bush henchmen will come clean conveniently?

4:14 pm on August 21, 2009