Re: Time To Watch Elizabeth Taylor

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Mr. Rockwell, do not forget, Suddenly Last Summer — A Joseph L. Mankiewicz film (The Quiet American) with Katharine Hepburn, written by Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams. When I think of what is good about America, it is that a movie like that could get made in the first place.

Camille Paglia on Taylor’s performance, “She was a basic, down-to-earth gal who could play queens when she had to. The performances she gave were indelible — for example, that long, long take at the end of ‘Suddenly, Last Summer’ as Catherine finally recalls the way her gay cousin Sebastian was slaughtered and cannibalized by a pack of boys he was trying to pick up!”

In other words, the sort of film that leaves committed anti-intellectuals like Glenn Beck and Chris Matthews confused and unsettled.

9:11 am on March 28, 2011