re: There Is No Right to Medical Care

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Lew, when I sponsored a lecture at Loyola University Maryland by Professor Walter Williams two years ago he had an especially effective way of explaining why government = slavery. He asked the 200 + students in the room, “Do you think it is moral to force one person to work for the benefit of another person?” There seemed to be a nearly unanimous “no” reaction. He then said, “It sounds like a good definition of slavery to me.” More general agreement followed.

Like most college students, the ones at my university have been bombarded for years with welfare state propaganda, told that “social justice’ requires massive income “redistribution,” etc., so I’m not sure that many of them made the connection between Walter’s definition of slavery, which they all seemed to agree with, and the welfare state. All the platitudes about “social justice” that they are subjected to tend to cloud their logical thinking abilities. That of course is the main purpose of much of “higher” education today — to produce docile, confused, uneducated, and unthinking supporters of the welfare/warfare state. It’s what “political correctness” is all about.

7:59 pm on May 12, 2011