Re: The Worst of the Supreme Court

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Thanks to Mr. Kinsella for his comments on my review of The Dirty Dozen.

Since reading and reviewing that book, I’ve read the new book by Thomas Woods and Kevin Gutzman, Who Killed the Constitution?. Coincidentally, it too uses a “dirty dozen” format (including that very phrase), although it discusses offenses by all three branches of the federal government, not just the Supreme Court.

One thing (among many) that makes the Woods and Gutzman book so much better than the Levy/Mellor book is that Woods and Gutzman don’t believe we can fix our problems by just putting the right ideas in front of federal government officials. And they even acknowledge that any constitution — under which the government gets to decide the limits of its own power — will lead eventually to an essentially unlimited government such as ours.

Woods and Gutzman understand that the key is for the people to understand and demand liberty. The Constitution itself won’t save us.

So if you read one popular book on the Constitution this year, read theirs. (My full review is forthcoming in The Freeman.)

8:36 pm on September 8, 2008