re: The Sickening State

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Lew, it’s more like the Stupid State. We have here the perfect suicide bomber: A 95-year old terminal woman. She’s going to die soon anyway, either from her illness or her advanced age. She’s the perfect terrorist to carry out a suicide bombing. Let’s plant a bomb in her diaper.

Uh-oh. The “rocket scientists” at TSA are on to her. So what does this “incompetent” suicide bomber do? She doesn’t set her bomb off! (Funny how real terrorist bombers in the Middle East always manage to set their bombs off way before anyone finds out they even have a bomb.) Yes, this brave 95-year old suicide bomber is too incompetent to set off her bomb. Oh, I know why she didn’t set it off: If she couldn’t make a truly dramatic “terrorist statement” by getting onto her plane and then setting it off in mid-air, then it just wasn’t worth her time or effort to set it off in the airport either before or when she was caught. “If I can’t murder innocent people on a plane, then gosh darn it, I’m not going to murder innocent people at all!”

This is the nonsense the Stupid State wants the sheeple to believe. Unfortunately, many of the State-schooled stupid sheeple do believe it.

5:28 am on June 27, 2011