Re: The Oscars

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David: I share your views, and never watch the “Oscars” unless, as was the case last night, a film of interest to me was up for an award. A nominee in the “short documentary” category was An Incident in New Baghdad. This film involved the shooting — by American helicopter gunmen — of numerous non-military Iraqis (including children) along with journalists from Reuters. It was the film alleged to have been obtained by Bradley Manning and brought  to world attention by Wikileaks having  made it public. It was encouraging that such a film was even nominated for an award, and disappointing that it did n0t win.

I have to admit that — with the exception of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris — I have seen none of the other films that got attention (some I had not even heard of!). I do find it of interest, however, that as a culture continues to deteriorate, there is an accompanying increase in awards shows on television.

10:43 am on February 27, 2012