Re: The Fall of the House of Murdoch

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Lew, I think Chalmers Johnson wrote about ten years ago that we would begin to see more of these palace coups as the US and its allies became ever more unstable and insolvent. An early example of this was Clinton’s impeachment trial. It was just an exercise in one part of the establishment punishing another part, over something that nearly everyone in the regime had committed at one time or another.

Existing almost totally in an echo chamber, and with the public considered to be irrelevant by the regime, the tottering old empires begin to eat themselves from within.

This also nicely illustrates how much states resemble the mafia. As a member of the establishment — in this case Murdoch — you never know when one group of partisans might get the upper hand on another, or when someone needs to be thrown under the bus — at which point it’s simply the latest version of the Night of the Long Knives for you and your loyalists.

Murdoch et al., DSK, Blago — the list goes on and on.

10:40 pm on July 17, 2011