Re: The Eater-in-Chief

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Bill, pay close attention to these quotes from the story you linked:

These chefs tout locally grown, environmentally friendly and — most importantly — nutritious food. They urge diners, even those who may never be able to afford to eat at their restaurants, to grow their own vegetables, shop at farmer’s markets and pay attention to where their food comes from.

…Barber said good food needs more publicity, and he hopes Obama and his wife will advertise what they are eating and what they are feeding their children, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.

Is there anything more arrogant or clueless than bragging about how the Obamas “eat”? First off, the new first lady is not exactly svelte. She needs to dump 10-20 pounds of fat. Second, Michelle Obama, the wife of a powerful man of the establishment, has been catered to and has had maids, chefs, servants, and the like, in order to take care of her family’s food needs. Mrs. Obama doesn’t come home from 50-hour work weeks trying to tend to her kids, feed them, and take care of everything around the house. So, once again, these politically-enabled and wealthy elites, who are spoiled with servants taking care of their every need, are held up as examples to all the folks who lead real lives, work real jobs, and embrace real problems with no staff of problem solvers to do it for them. When are ordinary people – like the Obamagasm crowd – going to get it, and tell all of these idiots to shut up?

Remember when Obama said that one of the great evils in this country is that people “eat too much food”? This is a guy who regularly sits down to $500/plate meals in the best restaurants, has the best food, the best chefs, an entire staff to serve his family food, and daily deliveries of fresh food right to his door, yet he thinks that the “rest of the world” shouldn’t put up with the eating habits of greedy Americans.

As far as the food that is “over-processed, over-subsidized and grown with no regard to the environment,” you can thank decades of special interest-driven US government policies for that. Read the Gary Taubes book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, for just a portion of that information.

1:59 pm on January 24, 2009